Sunday, August 12, 2012

Felt Bicycles "Slater"

Felt Bicycles "Slater"
A few weeks ago I was walking around the Saturday Market in downtown Hillsboro and caught sight of a really cool, stylish bicycle on display outside the new Hillsboro Bike Company shop at the corner of Main and Second. It really caught my attention, so I veered hard to my right to get close enough to look it over and read its pinstriped logo... "Felt Bicycles." I'd never heard of them.

Joker Machine's Motorized Slater
A few days ago I encountered the brand again in an article in the latest Cafe Racer magazine... some guy from Joker Machine, the motorcycle aftermarket accessories company, put a 160cc Honda utility gas engine in the frame of a Felt Slater model bicycle. Looked really cool, what with the springer forks and fat black tires front and back... you can see a photo gallery of it here, shot at Willow Springs Raceway in SoCal. So, I finally have gotten around to looking them up on the net and thought I'd post a link to the Slater at Felt and the motorized version at Joker Machine for your enjoyment.


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  1. The photo of the White Bike, #78, was taken at Willow Springs Raceway and just 10.5 miles north from where I am sitting as I type this.


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