Saturday, October 6, 2012

Arrinera Automotive's Hussarya, Polish Supercar

The Hussarya, a Polish Supercar
A team of visionary Polish automotive designers is making history in the former Communist country: For four years Poland has been home to a supercar company, Arrinera Automotive. Their first car, the Hussarya, is scheduled for production next year in Poland.

The Hussarya will be powered by a 6.2liter 8-cylinder engine pumping out a claimed 650HP. The steel chassis has been designed by legendary British car designer, Lee Noble. The body is carbon fiber. The high-power mill and lightweight chassis and body make for one quick machine:  60mph in 3.2seconds, with a claimed top speed of 210mph.

In an interesting safety twist, the Hussarya can be equipped with thermal imagers from Oregon's premiere IR imaging company, FLIR.

Autoblog has a nice post on the Hussarya. Check it out.

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