Sunday, January 27, 2013

Olaf Diegel's 3D Printed Guitars are Amazing

The 3D Systems "Americana" 3D Printed Guitar
I just discovered this 3D printing news site, Lot of great content there. If you've got an interest in 3D printing, definitely visit and bookmark this site. That led me to the subject of high-quality, 3D printed guitars.

The Americana 3D printed guitar you see pictured here was designed by renowned guitar designer Olaf Diegel. You can see more of his 3D printed guitars and buy one here at Cubify. You can even work with Diegel to get a unique custom guitar to your own design and taste... To build, unique, personalized products, isn't that an aspect of the promise of 3D printing? Well, that has been realized in this case.

You are probably skeptical about the tone and sound quality of printed guitar... I was, too, until I listened to Olaf Diegel demonstrate his printed guitars in the video below. He begins with some riffs on a standard Fender Stratocaster as a reference, then proceeds to play a couple of his printed guitars.... I was amazed. Check it out.

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