Saturday, March 23, 2013

Ace Cafe Racer Builder, Steve "Carpy" Carpenter

Carpy's "Road Warrior" Honda Cafe Racer
Steve "Carpy" Carpenter of SoCal-based Nostalgia Cycles specializes in cafe racer builds. Great designs, beautifully executed. His website,,  has been redesigned recently to show off his work to greater advantage... a lot of great pics of his work there, especially the gallery of cafe racers he's built over the years.

The "Cool and Weird Combined" page  is a gallery of highly unusual vehicles and bicycles that Carpy has collected, like the bicycle pictured here on the left with the six-cylinder Honda engine that apparently acts as a chassis member. Weird, and cool, definitely.

Weird and Cool
Carpy has a fairly extensive product line of cafe racer parts and accessories, such as seats and clubman handlebars. So, if you are building a cafe racer, check out his online parts store.

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