Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Contes Engineering "Athos" Quad Bike

Contes Engineering "Athos" Quad Bike
We went into downtown Hillsboro the other day for  Saturday Market and saw one of these babies, the Contes Engineering Athos, in the window of the new Hillsboro Bike Company shop that just opened at the corner of Main St. and 2nd Ave. Stepped inside for a closer look and was really impressed with the tech and the apparent quality of the workmanship... four-wheel independent suspension with 8" travel, disk brakes front and back, and Contes Engineering's differential with constant-velocity (CV) drive joints.

The Athos is engineered for street and dirt. 

The Contes website indicates that both their CV joints and differentials will be made available on the market for DIY builders. Contes also offers a consulting engineering service to product developers, with a focus on cycling, though they say they've also done automotive work and automation for semiconductor manufacturing.

Check out the video of the Athos in action below.

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