Friday, May 4, 2012

Enigma Motorcycles, UK Motorcycle Startup Firm

Enigma 1050 Prototype
British journalist, Mac computer expert, and motorcycle enthusiast Jim Lindsey recently wrote a series of articles about the glory days of British motorcycle engineering and manufacturing. Having complained once too often to his wife about the dearth of manufacturing in today's England, she challenged him to do something about it himself. So, Lindsey put together an all-star team to launch a motorcycle startup in England late last year, Enigma Motorcycles.

Given the focus rooted in Jim Lindsey's passionate pride in English motorcycle engineering, a Triumph Speed Triple was chosen as donor bike for the Enigma's 1050cc powerplant. In fact, as far as we can see, all of the components, both custom and off-the-shelf, are sourced in England.

The Enigma 1050 frame is being built by Dave Pearce of Tigcraft, a former racer and a legendary race bike designer/builder. The body work is being done by Terry Hall, a master metal craftsman and armorer. Mr. Hall's one-off aluminum alloy tank and rear section will act as master molds for the carbon fiber production units. Forks and shocks, both with a racing pedigree, are provided by K-Tech Suspension of the UK; the front forks are K-Tech's KTR2 superbike forks. Wheels are carbon fiber by Dynamag. Rearsets and other alloy components are being provided by another UK firm, Promach, with the machining work being done by Promach owner and former racer, Mick Edwards (virtually everyone associated with the project is a former racer).

The Enigma team is comprehensively documenting their development work at their website as it progresses. Check it out, there's a lot to see there. Also, The Kneeslider had a very good, in-depth article featuring the Enigma crew and bike a few months ago.

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