Monday, December 31, 2012

"Oblivion" Sci-Fi Movie Trailer

Oblivion Movie Poster
Oblivion is an upcoming sci-fi film based on the as-yet unreleased Joseph Kosinski and Arvid Nelson graphic novel of the same title, (illustrated by Swedish digital artist Andree Wallin). It stars Tom Cruise, Olga Kurylenko, and Morgan Freeman. The general release date is currently set for April 19, 2013. A limited IMAX release is scheduled one week earlier.

The first trailer and the movie poster were released this month. We've embedded the trailer video below.

The story is set centuries from now after the Earth has been devastated by a decades-long war with some dire threat called "the Scavs." For safety, the surviving humans live in orbit and in floating installations thousands of feet above ground. Tom Cruise stars as drone repairman Jack Harper, who descends to rescue a woman from a spaceship that's crash-landed on the surface. Her arrival kicks off the action that overturns everything that Harper thinks he knows about the war and its aftermath.

A gallery of concept art, Wallin's drawings from the graphic novel, and publicity stills is available here at I do not know if that site is officially affiliated with Universal Studios or not (I don't think it is)... the official studio site is here. Nonetheless, it's got a lot of material and a movie news blog, so check it out, too.

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