Saturday, February 23, 2013

Darizt Design, Handbuilding Custom Bikes in a Shed in Indonesia

We did a post this morning about the" digital curation site, where we found an article about a sweet little bike from Darizt Design and liked it so much that we featured a pic of it for that post. We'd never heard of Darizt before and decided to look them up. Turns out Darizt Design is housed in a shed on Java island, Indonesia... not the place I'd think of when looking for a builder of unique and arty custom motorcycles.

Darizt is the brainchild of designer Agus Sudariswanto, who majored in art at his university in Indonesia. The company was initially an interior design contractor, but had to shutdown for financial reasons. After some months of unemployment, a friend asked Agus to design and build a custom bike for him, and found his new calling... He is now in progress on his eighteenth bike build.

Here is an excellent article about Darizt here that features an interview with Agus, and lots of great pics of his bikes. See the Darizt Design blog, too... Agus has lots of pics there depicting his builds. Also check out his video story that we've embedded here.

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