Saturday, February 23, 2013

"We Love Cafe Racers" Curation Site... Loads of great links

Darizt Design Bike at Pipeburn is a great powered digital curation site that collects cafe racer related blog posts and articles from all over the Web. Think of it as an online magazine with limitless sources of curator-selected content. For example, I found a great Pipeburn blog post there about the cool little Kawi KZ200 based cafe racer pictured here.

I also found the elegant Trident cafe racer you see below from Super Rat in Bellingham, WA through a Silodrome blog post there.

Super Rat Trident at Silodrome
If you are looking for anything cafe racer related, put a bookmark on this site. Or, hit the "follow" button there and receive updates via your Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn account.

BTW, both Pipeburn and Silodrome are two excellent custom motorcycle oriented blog sites, I like to visit them on a regular basis. Silodrome has a category specifically dedicated to cafe racers

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