Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Leonhardt Gunbus 410, World's Largest Streetable Motorcycle

Out of Germany comes the Leonhardt Manufacturing Gunbus 410, powered by 410 cubic inches of brutal 45degree V-twin power. Total length 3.47meters, which is 11ft. 5ins. Yes, they are for sale, contact Leonhardt Manufacturing here to inquire.

Gunbus 410 & Harley Big Twin
To give you some further idea of the sheer massiveness of this beast, we've included this shot of a Gunbus 410 with an H-D Big Twin. This is not a trick photo, the photographer has not played any games with the perspective to make the Gunbus look bigger than it is.

A sidecar is currently in development at Leonhardt Manufacturing.

The Wazuma V8F

Wow. Here's what you get when you mate a Ferrari 3.0L engine to a BMW M3 gearbox, a hybrid of motorcycle and open-wheel performance car: the Wazuma V8F. I believe they are going in to production... but can we buy here in the States? I don't know.

(Note that the website is in French. I used Google Chrome's translation feature to read in English.)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Roc City Cafe Racers Article

CB350 Cafe Racer w. Roc City Alloy Tank & Seat
Last year we posted about the beautifully crafted alloy tanks and seat assemblies made by owner/fabricator Sean Pelletier at his shop, Roc City Cafe Racers in Rochester, NY. The styling and crafting recalls the work of British bike builders of the Fifties. Sean just contacted us by email with a link to a recent article about his passion, his shop, and his work in a Check it out here.

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