Sunday, February 9, 2014

The One Motorcycle Show & Bad Weather

We were really looking forward to attending the 5th annual The One Motorcycle Show in Portland this year. Had hoped to take a memory-card full of pics to share with you here, but are really disappointed to report that due to the biggest storm we've seen in 25 years here we just could not make it. So, we console ourselves with the video from the event.

We will report more news from the show as the See See Motor Coffee crew releases pics and video.

Roc City Cafe Racers CB750

Roc City CB750 Cafe Racer
Roc City Cafe Racers owner, Sean Pelletier recently built a CB750 cafe racer for himself. Just saw his post and pics at his Roc City shop blog.

If you're in the market for awesome alloy tanks and seats for a cafe racer build, be sure to take a lot at Roc City's handcrafted offerings at their online store.

Update: A hearty welcome to all readers coming here through If you go to our search box to the right below and search for "cafe racer" you will find a lot more posts featuring some very cool bikes and their builders.
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