Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Free to Make -- The Maker Movement

Dale Dougherty, the CEO and founder of Make Media and publisher of MAKE: magazine, and the creator of the Maker Faire, has written a book about the Maker DIY movement. This movement has become a global phenomenon, inspiring millions of young and old people alike to see themselves as not just passive consumers, but as creators in their own right. Millions have beeen inspired to take up creative work in crafts, art, and technology. Many of these have made the jump from hobbyist to entrepreneur.

Dale Dougherty was present at the birth of this modern creative renaissance, and has played a formative role in it. In this book, he tells the story of his vision and the movement it inspired, and the major cultural and social impact it has had all over the world.

Follow Dale on Twitter, @dalepd. His website is here.

BIKE EXIF Blog -- One of the Greatest Blogs for Motorcycle Enthusiasts

C.Custom Garage of Portugal, RD200 Cafe Racer
BIKE EXIF blog is one of the best for custom motorcycle aficianados, featuring innovative bikes from at-home and professional builders all over the world. For example, this jewel of a machine from C. Custom Garage in Portugal, built from the ground-up around a 1970's vintage Yamaha RD200 two stroke engine.

It's easy to get posts featuring the style of custom bike you're most interested in because the blogmasters at BIKE EXIF tag each post accordingly: At the top of the homepage is a menu bar with the four main categories of Cafe Racers, Bobbers, Scramblers, and Classics.

For readers who want to modify or design and build their own bikes, BIKEEXIF regularly publishes How-To Guides in topics like Cafe Racer Design & Build, Motorcycle Painting, and Motorcycle Rewiring.

The blog itself is well-designed, easy to navigate, and has new content posted on a daily basis. One of my favorite features is Bikes of the Week, which typically features four or five of the best customs from around the world.

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