Sunday, April 1, 2012

Boardtracker Inspired Customs

Cro Customs Sportster Boardtracker
Boardtrackers.... Here's a kind of custom that we haven't featured here yet. Well, there's no time like the present, so here you go...

Boardtracker customs are inspired by the boardtrack racing machines of the early Twentieth Century. The very early models, at least, were basically bicycles with engines... spindly frame, skinny large diameter wheels, low and narrow handlebars, a long and low-slung chassis. And not much in the way of brakes... but they could do 100mph. Frightening.

Cro Customs of Southern California created the Sportster-based boardtracker bike you see here. Click on the link to see a gallery of great shots of it in a background setting on a lonely road in the California desert.
Revatu Customs Pea Shooter Boardtracker
I found a post at Cyril Huze's blog featuring this very fine handbuilt boardtracker. Rene Van Tuil of Revatu Customs in the Netherlands built this beauty from the ground up.

 Here's a Smithsonian Institute article about boardtrack racing you might find interesting, The Early, Deadly Days of Motorcycle Racing.

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