Friday, August 17, 2012

The "Brass Goggles" Steampunk Blog

Brass Goggles from Brute Force Leather
I just found the Brass Goggles steampunk blog and forum site that comes to us from the UK. Brass Goggles has been online since 2006, exhibiting some real staying power in this age of too much "blog today, gone tomorrow."

They've got some how-to pages for steampunk crafters, an active forum, and a substantial list of steampunk web links.

They also have a call out for blog submissions, so if you have anything steampunk-related that you want to call attention to, or want to submit a blog post for publication, contact Brass Goggles by email at 

The brass goggles above are available from Brute Force Studios & Fallen Angel Fashions.

You can find brass, copper, leather working tools, and other materials for your own Steampunk projects at Amazon Supply. See our product links below.


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