Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Hot Rods & Harleys Magazine, New Kustom Kulture Motor Mag

Hot Rods & Harleys Cover, Issue 2
I put up a post yesterday to draw your attention to the very cool kustom art and pinstriping of Hot Rod Jen... Found her gallery while googling for pinstripe panel art. I was so impressed that I just googled again today to find anything else by her and came across a mention of her at the website of this new print mag, Hot Rods & Harleys. She is a contributor there.

This little pic doesn't do the cover justice... it's hard to tell here, but a larger, better pic of the original panel is up at their Facebook page.

Hot Rods & Harleys has just begun publication, the awesome panel art here is the cover of issue 2. From their "About Us" page I get the impression that a focus on  the work of custom painters and pinstripers is the thing that will set them apart from all the other hot rod and Harley mags on the market.

You can subscribe at the website, or find Hot Rods & Harleys at Barnes & Noble.

P.S. I did not mean to imply that the cover art was done by Hot Rod Jen... I will try to find out who is and update here later. Meanwhile, here's a link to a better picture of the panel.

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