Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Norcroft Royal Enfield V-Twin

Norcroft 1000cc Royal Enfield V-Twin
The Kneeslider blog has reported that the Norcroft Royal Enfield V-Twin project begun by Bill Hurr and Richard Hurst in the UK back in 2004 has come back to life.  Two German enthusiasts tracked Bill Hurr down and persuaded him to join them in reviving the project, to bring it all the way to market this time around. Another enthusiast from India has also joined the team. The works are now in Germany.

The Norcroft website is here. Their Facebook page is here.

The Norcroft engine has a displaement of 1000cc: a custom bottom end accepts two 500cc Royal Enfield top ends.

We have previously posted about another Royal Enfield based V-Twin, Aniket Vardhan's Musket. Aniket's engine is a 59degree configuration available in both 700cc (using 350cc top ends) and 1000cc (using the 500cc cylinders). The Norcroft engine appears to be something more like 45degrees... in these close-up engine pics it looks a lot like a Vincent, I think.

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