Wednesday, March 21, 2012

"The Cafe Racer Phenomenon" by Alastiar Walker

We found this history of cafe racers -- the bikes, the builders, and the riders -- at Amazon. Haven't had a chance to get a copy yet, but it looks pretty cool. The author is veteran British bike journalist, Alastair Walker. He lays out the history of the "ton-up" Rocker boys and girls, starting back in the Fifties.

The book is part social history, part personalities (the bike builders like Paul Dunstall and Norman Hyde), and part technical. Included at the back of the book is a guide to resources for the cafe racer builder, whether you want to do some mods to your existing bike or build a cafe racer from the ground up.

If you get a copy, write us back in the comments and let us all know what you think.

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