Saturday, March 31, 2012

"Spirit of the Seventies" Motorcycles

Spirit of the Seventies Yamaha Triple Cafe Racer
Just got back from a trip to the local supermarket where I saw this most unlikely of customs in a Brit classic bike mag... It's a 1979 Yamaha shaft-drive triple that's been pumped up to 850cc and transformed into a ballsy looking cafe racer by the boys at Spirit of the Seventies motorcycle company in the UK.

A friend of mine had one of the originals back in the day... He let me take it out for a spin once... talk about sedate and boring. Sure, it was a decent bike, but pretty bland, at least in my humble opinion. So, you ask me, the guys at  Spirit of the Seventies have to be credited with a lot of creative imagination... Who else would envision the possibilities of coolness latent in such an easily forgotten bike?

Spirit of the Seventies Triumph Scrambler
Check out the bikes here, and read their story here. You'll see that besides their transformative work on Seventies era bikes, they also build retro-looking customs based on the modern Triumph twins.

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