Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sucker Punch Sallys Bobbers

Sucker Punch Sallys "Love" Bobber
Sucker Punch Sallys got its start making bobbers and bobber bike kits back in 2002. Ten years later they are still going strong, even after the tragic death of founder Christian Clayton at the age of 40 a couple of years ago.

Their bikes range from really clean stripped down Old School bobbers like The Traditional to some with what I'd call a more contemporary flash, such as the "Love" model pictured. Yeah, there is a companion bike in a vivid red called "Hate" that features a leaf-spring front end.

Don't need a bike right now? They've also got a line-up of cool apparel (the founders were actually in the motorcycle apparel biz before the started SPS). 

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