Sunday, March 18, 2012

T. Jefferson Parker's Charlie Hood Series

T. Jefferson Parker is a crime novelist who's definitely a cut above most other popular writers in the genre. We especially like his series featuring LA Country Sheriff Charlie Hood. He's just released the fifth in the series, The Jaguar.

The increasingly crazy and violent borderlands of Mexico and the American Southwest, especially Los Angeles, provide the setting. American desperadoes, Mexican drug lords and their henchmen in SoCal, and American lawmen battle for supremacy in this volatile landscape.

An especially fascinating character is the mysterious Mike Flynn, who lends something of a supernatural air to things. Flynn seems to turn up everywhere Charlie goes... at first he appears to be just a fringe character hanging around on the edge of things, but as time goes by he looks more and more like a cunning and subtle agent of chaos who manipulates people and events to keep the pot boiling. He knows things he shouldn't know... he speaks familiarly of people who have been dead and gone for a century and more, and of times and places long since forgotten. Is he a man, a devil, or an angel?

Check out Parker and Charlie Hood.

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