Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bukobot 3D Printer Kickstarter Funding Drive

Bukobot 3D Printer
The Bukobot 3D printer from Deezmaker is derived from the RepRap open source hardware printer. Deezmaker is attempting to bring the Bukobot to market by raising funds at Kickstarter. The funding goal is to raise $42,000 by May 23; as of this writing, at $19,569 they are just about halfway there, with twenty days to go.

You can follow Bukobot news at their blog.

Update: The committed total is already up over $22,000 less than 24hours later!

Update May 11: The Bukobot is funded! As of this morning, $42,905 with 125 backers and still twelve days to go! 


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  1. ya its good buy go and see to where they have some thing new with more slf files and new stuff they are cheap to other printers


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