Sunday, June 3, 2012

LSL Clubman Kawasaki W800 Customs

Clubman LindyBob Kawasaki W800
I've been looking around the Web lately to see who's out there building cool customs based on the Kawasaki W650 and W800 models and am finding a surprising number of really great machines. A couple of prime examples are these two from Clubman by LSL, a custom shop in Germany. 

The W650 and its successor, the W800, are retro standards inspired by the Triumph and BSA parallel twins of the Sixties... Nostalgia delivered at low-cost and with high reliability and Japanese quality. Turns out they're a great platform for custom builders.

Clubman W800 Streettracker
The Clubman LSL website is in German... I can't see that they have a button to flip it to English. Can't speak or read the language, so I am at a handicap as far as the shop's details are concerned. However, I did find this new post at BikeEXIF about the LindyBob. That post included a link to an earlier BikeEXIF post about LSL's Triumph Scrambler custom. Check 'em out, LSL does beautiful work.

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