Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Deus Ex Machina Customs Cafe Racers, Streettrackers & Bobbers

Deus Kawi WS650 Streettracker
In a mere six years, Deus Customs has grown by leaps and bounds, expanding from their first shop in Sydney, Australia to new venues in Bali and Venice, California. Owner Mikey McDonald attributes Deus's quick, outstanding success to the desire of a growing number of riders for simple lightweight and middleweight bikes that are economical daily riders. McDonald and his crew's great sense of style is a huge factor in their success, too.

McDonald is no brand bigot, either... They've built customs with vintage and modern Triumphs, BMWs, vintage and modern Kawasakis, Sportsters, Yamaha SR400 and SR500 thumpers, and more. The Kawasaki WS650 and WS800 does seem to be a particular favorite, however, such as the two examples you see here, a streettracker and a bobber. Well, just follow this link to their gallery of beautiful and stylish bikes to see for yourself.

Deus Moulin Rouge Bobber
An added bonus: The Deus website is very well-designed, just beautifully done, a pleasure to read and look at.

For those of you who prefer your bikes with peddles, check out the stylish Deus bicycles.

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