Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lossa Engineering Cafe Racers

Lossa CL350 Cafe Racer
Lossa Engineering of Long Beach, California builds a lot of clean and sweet cafe racers on vintage platforms, like the Honda CL350 pictured here. Owner Jay LaRossa and his crew also build some bobbers and do restorations.

LaRossa grew up in a family where both father's and mother's sides owned SoCal motorcycle dealerships. He started his professional life in the four-wheeled world, building hot rods and SEMA showcars, then relatively recently switched to bikes and opened Lossa Engineering.

Jay LaRossa says the SR500 cafe racer pictured here is "by far the best bike I have turned-out."
Lossa SR500 Cafe Racer
Check out the gallery of completed bikes, and keep up to date on Lossa builds and doings at the Lossa blog. Check out the online store for Lossa designed and manufactured custom parts.

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