Sunday, July 8, 2012

Changes at Harley-Davidson

2012 Sportster 48
Fox Business news published a piece last month about the changes that Harley CEO Keith Wandell has brought to the Motor Company since he took the reins in May of 2009, just months after the world economy imploded. Under his leadership, Harley sold off MV Agusta, killed the Buell brand, closed dealerships, and layed-off a lot of people. The company even considered moving production out of Wisconsin, a move that was headed-off when the employees union agreed to renegotiate contracts, resulting in reduction of the number of full-time unionized employees to about 700 people.

Harley's stock is up about 20% from its lowest point this year. Sales in the last quarter, ended in June, are up 26%, though Wandell says that some of that gain may be due to this year's unusually warm weather, which gave us an early start to the riding season.

You can watch a CNBC taped interview with him here in which he takes about the past year and what lies ahead for the Motor Company.


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