Sunday, December 8, 2013

Raven MotoCycles Unique, Handbuilt Moto Guzzi Custom

Raven Moto Guzzi Based Custom
We just saw this unique, handbuilt custom up for sale on eBay and followed a link in the listing to the maker, Raven MotoCycles.

The Raven is the creation of moto artist Jeff Gundlach, who, according to a blog post about the Raven at Pipeburn, has designed many covers for motorcycle magazines like Cycle World and Cycle News. Years ago he sketched up a concept drawing of a custom bike based on a 1971 Moto Guzzi Ambassador 750 engine mated to a Norton gearbox. A few years ago he decided that the time was right to actually build one.... you can see a gallery depicting the design and build process at the Raven site here.

The frame is Jeff's own design that incorporates wheels, swingarm, brakes, forks, and steering stem from the 1968 Honda 350. The buyer can specify a 750cc, 850cc, or 1000cc Guzzi engine. Check out the video of Jeff riding his Raven to Daytona 2012 below.

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