Saturday, December 14, 2013

The OP-1 Music Synthesizer from Teenage Engineering

OP-1 Portable Synthesizer from Teenage Engineering
While preparing the our previous post about The Synthesizer Book blog, we found a post there about the OP-1 synth from Teenage Engineering. Looked interesting, so we did a bit of research and found, for example, this rave review in the "Cool Tools" category at Boing Boing. The author claims it's easy and fun to use, with a very intuitive color-based interface. He says that although at may look like a toy at first glance, he's recently produced a movie soundtrack and used the OP-1 for many of the sound effects he needed.

Teenage Engineering occasionally adds new capabilities and features to the OP-1's synthesis engines. The user can upload these via its PC/Mac interface. The OP-1 also contains a microphone for recording voice and sampling audio. It also contains an FM radio, so the user can sample audio from radio broadcasts.

There is said to be an extensive world-wide users community. For example, the site is an independent site created by OP-1 enthusiasts.

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