Saturday, January 7, 2012

Crime Scene Choppers

We mentioned Crime Scene Choppers in the post about Duckman below, so we thought we'd followup with a post about them.

They've got a line of beautifully crafted and artistic motorcycle accessories. To the right you can see the "First Offense" air cleaner, and the "Hard Time" oil tank, which contains an internal Harley cartridge style oil filter (I believe this tank was designed by Duckman). If you are into Old Skool bobbers especially take a look at their offerings.

They've also got an Adobe Acrobat formatted drawing of plans for a frame jig that you can download for free, with the only stipulation being that you cannot rehost or sell them. That's a very generous serving, in my opinion. This jig design was used in the "Building a Chopper Chassis" video from master metalworker Ron Covell.

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