Saturday, January 7, 2012

Toward the Gleam

I read this book over the Christmas holiday and really enjoyed. This is a great one for you Lord of the Rings Tolkien fans. I will try to avoid any spoilers here...

In 1916, an English philologist out for a hike through the countryside is forced to take shelter from a summer tempest beneath a rock outcropping... The outcropping conceals a fissure that opens into a cave. He pushes inside and in the darkness there finds an apparently ancient artifact of an unknown, advanced civilization that flourished tens of thousands of years ago, a civilization lost in the last great Pleistocene glaciation that buried Europe under hundreds of feet of ice. Knowledge of this thing, and the knowledge it contains, could turn the world upside down: He instinctively knows from the moment he's found it that he must keep it secret and hidden from the world, even as he spends years decrypting its secrets... Unfortunately for him, a very sinister man, one who's been conducting his own parallel researches into this ancient civilization for years, somehow learns that the good and gentle philologist has this thing, and moves to take it for his own. What he could with the knowledge gleaned from this artifact would threaten all mankind.


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