Saturday, January 7, 2012

Duckman Old Skool CAD Bikes

Mark "Duckman" van der Kwaak is a CAD designer from the Netherlands who creates custom bikes that are simultaneously retro-vintage stylish and high-tech cool. All his work is first modeled and then rendered life-like in 3D CAD. He's an artist, too, with a 50's Lo-Brow style that sometimes recalls Big Daddy Roth. And, man, is he ever prolific... Check out his website and blog at Duckman Old Skool Choppers from Europe where he has thoroughly displayed his work.

Krugger & DBBP Veon, a World Beater at AMD Championship
The main attraction is a huge gallery of his "CADbikes" created in the Pro/E 3D modeling software and rendered in full color. A number of his CADbikes have been built and are on the street today. He just published CADbike #51. Duckman also generously features CADbikes created by his readers.

In addition to bikes, Duckman designs custom bike parts for motorcycle accessories companies around the world. For example this "Rapide" headlight for Crime Scene Choppers. The "Honey Pot Oil Filter" he created for L.A. County Chop Rods is a work of art.

Duckman recently partnered with world champion bike-builder Fred Krugger on the design and construction of the "Veon,", a Harley V-Rod based custom that won the 2010 AMD Custom Bike Building championship.

His website also features extensive galleries of reader's bikes, Harley, British, and Japanese... check it out, I can hardly do him and his work justice here in just a few words.

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