Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Normandy Guitars... Aluminum!

We love great design and technology here at Cool Stuff... we really love the results we see when innovative technology meets great design and vice-versa.

That brings us to Normandy Guitars, which is just down the road from Portland in our capitol city, Salem, OR. These guys engineered a whole line of guitars from sheet metal, good old element number 13, aluminum. There's even an archtop! I haven't had the opportunity to play one yet, though I did see one on display at Five Star Guitars in Hillsboro, which is an official Normandy dealer.

You can read about some of the technical and engineering aspects here in this article at Machine Design magazine's website. Since that article was written, Normandy has brought out a whole raft of new models, even the four-stringed kind for you bass players.

Here's a pic of a gorgeous Normandy Alumicaster that's been engraved.

Normandy Alumicaster Engraved

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