Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Portland Ketchup

Portland Ketchup
So we were out for a late lunch after working up an appetite while hiking around Portland's beautiful Japanese Gardens a couple of weeks ago. We took the scenic route back towards Hillsboro, going west and north on Skyline Blvd. to one of our very favorite venues, the McMenamin's Rock Creek Tavern on Old Cornelius Pass Road in the lovely Helvetia district north of town.

 I had the fish and chips, so they brought out ketchup... instead of the usual Heinz 57 glop that they and everyone else have been serving since time immemorial, the waiter brought to the table this new local product, Portland Ketchup from Portlandia Foods. It's all organic, gluten-free, no high-fructose corn syrup, either. It was very tasty, and it pours well. Their bottles and the packing cases they are shipped in feature artwork and phots of local scenes and landmarks.

The website is very nicely designed. There's a map of the local stores that stock Portland Ketchup and the restaurants that serve it. You can also purchase it online there.

P.S. We will do a followup post here later about the Rock Creek Tavern...
P.P.S. The Japanese Gardens also deserves a post of its own, so we'll do that, too...

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