Saturday, April 21, 2012

ACE Cycle-Car Morgan Three-Wheeler Reproduction

Morgan Reproduction from Liberty Motors
Here at Cool Stuff we have a real love for vintage/retro cars and bikes that have been reborn, brought back to life and to the marketplace with modern materials and technologies. For example, awhile back we featured Aniket Vardhan's Royal Enfield-based Musket V-Twin. So, we were knocked-out when we found the ACE Cycle-Car from Liberty Motors of Seattle, a reproduction of the classic 1930's Morgan "Super Sport" three-wheeler.
The original version of this Morgan "cycle-car" was designed and manufactured in the UK in the 1930's. It featured two steerable wheels in the front, and one driven wheel at the back. Power was provided a V-twin adapted from, for example, the JAP motorcycles

Original 1937 Morgan
Pete Larsen of sidecar manufacturer, Liberty Motors, originally wanted to import a Moto Guzzi based Morgan kit form Italy, but that didn't work out, so he took matters in hand and designed and constructed his own reproduction. The ACE, which stands for "American Cycle Endeavor," Morgan is powered by a Harley-Davidson Twin Cam B series motor, in either 88" or 103" displacement. The chassis is constructed from TIG-welded round tubing, and the transmission is a five-speed manual automotive unit with reverse, also. You can see the complete specifications here.

In most states, the ACE would be registered as a motorcycle, not a car, so it should cost less to register. The price tag at $48K is pretty steep, however. 

We will keep posting other examples of fine vehicles of the past that have been resurrected with modern tech.

Update: The Morgan Motor Company in the UK has brought the three-wheeler back to life, check out this piece at Jay Leno's Garage. 


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