Sunday, April 1, 2012

Yanko Design, Industrial Design Website

Lamborghini Concept Car by Mark Hostler
The Yanko Design website is a popular destination for industrial and product designers, with well over 160,000 subscribers. A wide breadth of categories are featured: Architecture, Automotive, Interiors, Technology, etc.

Designers are encouraged to submit their work for viewing. The site also features a design industry-focused job search engine.

Santiago Herrero Ossa GP Inspired Electric Motorcycle
We really like this electric motorcycle concept that is inspired by Spanish racing legend Santiago Herrero's monocoque-framed GP bike of the late Sixties. This design was submitted by the ARC-TIC design group in Barcelona, Spain.

We've focused here on a couple of items from the automotive category, but there is plenty to see and enjoy across a wide range of architecture, interior design, and personal tech products, among other things. Check it out.

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