Thursday, April 12, 2012

Cubify 3D Printer for the Home

Cubify 3D Printers
A couple of weeks back we put up a post on the subject of 3D printing, and how it is becoming affordable for home use, moving out of the industrial arena and into the domestic front.  This is a subject we've got a lot of interest in, both personally and professionally, so we are keeping an eye on what's happening in that marketplace.

So, we just found Cube, a new 3D color printer from Cubify. Cube, which starts at $1,299, is targeted at the home market. It features a build volume of 5.5" x 5.5" x 5.5", and can print in ten colors. The plastic printing medium is provided in plastic cassettes that are easily loaded into a slot on the front of the machine.

Cube comes with software that translates users' models into a format that Cube understands. Files are downloaded via its WiFi interface... no cabling required.

Cubify also offers the "Cloud 3D Print" printing service for those who don't want to buy a printer. Pick your material and upload your files, then place your order. Your finished part is then shipped to you.

Stay tuned... We will continue to keep you informed here of other 3D printing products and services as they hit the market. 


  1. I was looking for something like this and I am so glad that I finally found it
    Reprap mendel

  2. Hi, Rob, thanks for the comment. We will keep posting here about Rapid Prototyping (RP) and 3D printing on a (fairly) regular basis. Will check out Reprap, too.


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