Saturday, April 21, 2012

Metisse Motorcycles 997 Cafe Racer

Metisse Parallel Twin 997 Cafe Racer
British motorcycling legends Don and Derek Rickman of Metisse Motorcycles are bringing an entirely new bike to market... The Metisse 997 Cafe Racer, which was introduced at the Nov. 2011 NEC international motorcycle show in the UK.

The Metisse is based on a proprietary 997cc parallel twin. The UK motorsports composites company, TS Composites, helped design the tank and seat combination, and is the exclusive supplier of these components to Metisse.

We haven't seen anything yet about the availability of production models, or any recent test rides. Brit bike website published a piece about their test ride of the prototype in late 2009, however. When we see any new news about the availability, or any published test rides or reviews, we will update here.

BTW, follow the link above to TS Composites to see another Metisse surprise.... which we will blog about in a followup. 


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  1. Looks like this will be unfortunatly a never really starting story. Sad, its a cool bike


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