Sunday, April 1, 2012

Zaeta 530cc High-Power Street Tracker Coming to Market

Zaeta 530 Hot Rod Street Tracker
The new issue of Cycle World landed in my mailbox yesterday, and I gotta say this is the coolest thing between the covers of the May issue. Their resident flattracker, Mark Cernicky, wrote up this Zaeta street tracker after an interview with its creators, Italian motorcycle enthusiasts Paolo Chiaia and Marco Belli.

Both of these gentlemen are lifelong riders and racers who have a passion for dirt trackin'. Belli's raced dirt track in Europe, England, the US, and even finished third three times at the Pike's Peak climb in the 750cc class. In fact, Cernicky tells us that the Zaeta has its genesis in a practice bike Belli engineered for MotoGP superstar Valentino "The Doctor" Rossi at the behest of Rossi's dad, who's a friend of Belli's.  

The Zaeta is powered by a TM 530cc engine that makes 63hp in full racetrack form, though once fitted for the street it will lose a bit of that power... not to worry, however, as the bike with is high-tech, well-engineered frame will weigh in at about 265lbs... this is gonna be a rocketship on two wheels.

By the way, the Zaeta website is in Italian, but there are lots of videos and pics to see. 

Check out this helmet-cam video of Belli riding Pike's Peak from start to finish on the prototype. 

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