Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Looper Teaser Trailer

Looper Movie Poster
You know the old brainteaser paradox about time travel... What happens if you travel back in time and kill your father or mother before you were born? Or, even weirder, what if you met and killed your younger self?

Looper, a new Bruce Willis & Joseph Gordon-Levitt sci-fi flick, spins it another way... In the year 2042, a gangland killer (Gordon-Levitt) recognizes one of his targets (Willis) as his future self sent back from thirty years in the future. When he hesitates to pull the trigger, his future self gets away...

The first teaser trailer was released yesterday, the second today... the full trailer will be released at Apple movie previews site this Wednesday.

Looper is coming to a theater near you this September.

Meanwhile, we loved Inception, and thought Gordon-Levitt was excellent in that. And the Hans Zimmer soundtrack made it twice the movie it would otherwise have been.


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