Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cleveland CycleWerks, New Motorcycle Manufacturer

Cleveland CycleWerks Cafe Racer
Cleveland CycleWerks is a motorcycle design and manufacturing startup with headquarters in Cleveland, OH. Design and prototyping is done at their Cleveland shop. Parts are manufactured, they say, "all over the world," and final assembly is done in China.

They have a handful of low-cost, small-displacement bikes now in several styles; cafe racer, bobber, naked streetfighter, and standard. Looks like they've got about thirty dealers in the US, and a few overseas, including Japan. They're also touting their financing program.

Their cafe racer, the "Ace," and bobber, the "Misfit," have an MSRP of $3195. Prices on the standard and the streetfighter, the "Hooligan," are not announced yet.

BSA Cafe Racer of CCW Exec Scott Colosimo
Don't know what to think of this outfit and its bikes. Did some googling and found this article at BIKEEXIF, which featured the the awesome BSA that belongs to Scott Colosimo, the executive who runs CCW. We will be keeping an eye on CCW to see how they do.

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