Saturday, April 28, 2012

Steel Bent Customs CL350 Cafe Racer

Steel Bent Customs CL350 Cafe Racer
This CL350 Honda Cafe Racer from Steel Bent Customs of  Tampa, Florida was a pleasant surprise for me... if there was one bike I didn't have much love for back in the days when this baby was new from the factory, it was the Honda CL350. At the time I was working after school and weekends in a Honda dealership, so I saw a lot of them coming through the shop. I thought the CL350 was a lame excuse for a scrambler, especially when stacked up against a real scrambler, like the Triumph Trophy.

So, I was really surprised to find that I like this bike. It's got clean good looks, and looks like a hell of a lot fun. Kudos to the guys at Steel Bent.

This is just one fine little example of their work. Check out their gallery here. There's also a good article here at their site we they explain what they do and how they do it, and the philosophy behind their modus operandi. Notice that they sell their bikes on eBay, so they are selling nationwide, not just locally.

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