Saturday, April 7, 2012

Zero Engineering Type 9 Soft Tail Bobber

Zero Engineering Type 9 Bobber
Zero Engineering specializes in a kind of ballsy fat-tired and low-slung bobber, which they call "Samuri Chopper" style. Their latest offering is the bike you see to the left here, the Type 9 soft tail.

Zero Engineering was opened in Okazaki City, Japan in 1992 by Shinya Kimura, a bike designer and builder of immense creativity and craftsmanship. His "Zero Chop" and "Samuri" styles have inspired a lot of other designers. Kimura only builds with Harley-Davidson 45-degree V-twins and clones, such as the S&S 96ci Evo-style twin.The Type 9 can be upgraded to a monster 124ci engine, too.

Zero Rear Suspension
One of the most innovative features of the Type 9 is its four-link rear suspension, which I think is superior,  in appearance at least, to the standard H-D Softail... it has a much cleaner resemblance to a rigid hardtail frame.

The springer fork is a Zero Engineering original design and manufacture... the springer fork is available to all builders, not just to buyers of a Zero bike. The Type 9 is shod front and rear with Firestone Deluxe Champions, 18" at the front, 16" at the back.

Cool bike... but if you are interested in just parts for your own bike build or a little retro-style customizing, then check out Zero's extensive lineup of parts. We've got a link below to Shinya Kimura's hard-to-get photoessay book about his motorcycles and design philosophy below.

Zero Engineering has stateside offices in Las Vegas.

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