Sunday, April 15, 2012

Steve Storz's Champion Trials Riding Sons

Riding Straight Up!
Trials riding is a very specialized motorcycle competitive sport that involves riding over obstacles in terrain that you would swear no one could get a motorcycle over. Trials emphasizes balance, throttle control, and planning over speed. A lot of trials competition happens at walking speed, in fact.

At Storz Performance website we discovered that his son's, Neil and Eric, are champion trials riders (scroll down to the bottom of the page there). There's an amazing video of Eric riding in a trials competition, which we've embedded below.

Trials bikes are of a very specialized design available from a few manufacturers, such as Beta, GasGas, and Sherco. Yamaha used to have a trials bike lineup, though we believe they no longer do.... we understand that those vintage Yamahas, for example, the Majesty, are highly sought after.

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